Our Sustainability Story

our sustainability story

Sustainability is a collective effort. At PacificLight, our four main sustainability drivers form the ethos of why we do what we do - - Building and creating a future world to live in. Through implementing the best energy efficiency practices and minimizing our carbon footprint, being clean and green in our daily operations is very much a way of life.

Crea8 Sustainability Competition


be thechange

crea8 sustainability competition

The Crea8 Sustainability Competition, organized by PacificLight, encourages young Singaporeans to address environmental challenges, share stories and innovative solutions to demonstrate their passion in tackling the global challenge of sustainability and to create a sustainable Singapore. The aim of the competition is to generate ideas and initiatives around the topic of sustainability and environmental conservation.

The Crea8 Sustainability Competition is organized annually and open to youth advocates attending MOE schools in Singapore.

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